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When you’re in pain because of some type of dental problem you need to find an office that is close by to where you live in the city of Charlotte, NC or in the surrounding area. We help the residents of Charlotte, North Carolina and vicinity, like you, get the dental care you need when you need it most.

Our urgent care dental service can help you if you have loose, broken, or chipped teeth, painful gums due to abscess or infection, loose or broken dentures, crowns, and bridge work…or any other type of injury to your teeth or gums that need to be treated without delay!


For Urgent Dental Care in Charlotte, Call Now…

Dental emergencies on evenings and weekends can be especially challenging, but through our service you can find emergency dentists who are available when other dental offices are closed.

If you live in Charlotte or surrounding areas, our urgent care dental services can assist you with loose, broken, chipped teeth or even painful abscesses or infections.

Children and adults alike are welcome to contact us. If you’ve broken a set of dentures or a crown or even your bridge work, we’re here to help you when you need help, not when it’s convenient for us.

We want to help you find the relief you need without having to search endlessly online for a qualified and experienced dental office. We want you to get that appointment as soon as possible whether it’s during regular business hours or even after hours.

While it’s normal to call your own dentist if you have a broken tooth or have a toothache, the fact is, your dentist may not be open when you need them the most. That’s when our service is the most valuable because we will have you in contact with a dental office near you that can get you the dental help you need and out of pain very quickly.

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You may find that you have to suffer all weekend or all night in order to get your emergency care. Now that you have found our site, you can get the help you need when you need it, not when it’s convenient for your dentist. You don’t have to suffer in pain all weekend or even all night.

We Offer Emergency Dental Care in Charlotte When Others Do Not

We’re responsive 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We strive to meet the needs of the residents in Charlotte, NC

Here are some valuable tips to help you if you have a dental emergency:

Broken or Knocked Out Tooth

Most people don’t k now that an injured tooth can begin to die within 15 minutes to 30 minutes of the injury. For this reason, it’s imperative to see your dentist immediately after a tooth injury. Knowing what to do can save your tooth. Follow these tips if your tooth is injured:

  1. Broken Tooth
    Immediately rinse your mouth with warm water and apply a cold compress to the swollen area. Call our 24 hour emergency dentist service and make an immediate appointment. If you can find the broken piece of your tooth take it with you to your appointment.
  2. Knocked Out Tooth
    Pick up the tooth by the top of the tooth, do not touch the root. Never rinse or remove any attached pieces of gum or tissue. Carefully  reinsert the tooth into your mouth if possible. Gently hold it into place. If you can’t re insert your tooth, put it in a glass of milk or saline solution. You could also hold it between your cheek and gum line to keep it from drying out. Make an appointment with us immediately.


If you have any pain, avoid taking aspirin as it can cause bleeding and instead, use Ibuprofen to treat the pain. Never use a pain killer on your gum near the injured tooth as it can severely burn the gum tissue. While pain medication can help to reduce pain, it won’t treat the actual cause of the pain so never rely solely on the pain killer. You’ll need to make an urgent appointment to treat the root cause of the pain.

The dentist who will treat you will most likely need to know this information:

  • What is the type of dental emergency (a broken tooth, injured tooth abscess etc.)?
  • When did it happen?
  • Do you have any swelling, if so, where?
  • How bad is the pain (on a scale of 1 to 10)?
  • Are you sensitive to hot or cold?
  • What sort of medications are you on?
  • Are you on any antibiotics?
  • Are you taking any pain killers? If so, what kinds and how often?

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