3 Step To Successfully Treating Your Dental Emergency

Here Are 3 Steps To Follow If You Have A Dental Emergency

Step 1: Try to Get the Tooth Pain to Stop

You might not have access to our services right away, but you can do something to stop or diminish the pain you’re experiencing. Try some non-prescription pain medications, after which use clove oil around the area where you’re having the most pain. Also, you can try one of the numbing agents which are solved in most drug stores. Please understand that this will likely only help just a little, and having the emergency taken care of quickly at our office enables that you can be out of pain as quickly as possible.

Step 2: Give Our Office A Phone Call

Some people just try to “tough it out” when it comes to dealing with a toothache or other kind of dental pain. Big mistake…because 99% of toothaches or gum swelling will not resolve on their own. In fact, most dental emergencies start out as relatively minor conditions in the mouth. So, as soon as you’re experiencing some type of pain or discomfort you need to call a dentist for an examination and possible treatment.

Step 3: Follow Instructions Both Before And After Your Appointment

Dealing with a dental emergency may mean doing certain things, or refraining from doing certain things both BEFORE and AFTER you get treatment in our office. You must make sure you follow all directions as we are extremely experienced in handling dental emergencies – we do it every single day! So we understand how to treat them so they don’t get out of control and become a threat to your overall health and well being.

We’re positive that if you follow these tips you will be out of pain as soon as possible and that you will have a good out come from your dental emergency treatment.