How To Save A Broken Tooth With a Cup of Milk

It’s incredibly vital that you keep an emergency dentist on speed dial in the event that any sort of accident occurs that results in an injury to your teeth and/or gums. That being said…there will be times when you have to act fast, even before you can get in to see a dentist, so that you can prevent permanent damage from occurring.

#1 Tip For Saving a Broken Tooth

When you break a tooth you have a very short amount of time to take steps to prevent the loss of that tooth.

The first thing I usually tell patients who ask me these questions is that you need to place the broken piece of tooth into a cup of milk, if it is possible. The calcium of the milk will allow the tooth to keep moist and alive, which will give our dental office a greater chance of saving that tooth a preventing the need for a denture, crown or dental implant.

I recall one particular patient who had tripped while bowling and hit his mouth on his bowling ball. It caused his front right tooth to snap in half.

Luckily, he had been smart enough to keep the part of the tooth that had broken off and placed it in a cup of milk without delay. When he arrived at our office we used dental epoxy to put the broken tooth piece back in place, which was a less costly alternative to needing to go the greater expensive route of applying a dental crown.

So, if you ever break a tooth remember to put the piece of broken off tooth in a cup of milk. Now, what if you don’t have milk available? If that’s the case, then place the broken off tooth in water. Water will keep your tooth piece from drying out, which makes it hard and brittle. The calcium will keep the tooth as alive as it would be in your mouth.

Naturally, be sure to call an emergency dentist as quickly as possible to give you the best chance of reparing and saving your tooth.

What To Do When Your Tooth Gets Knocked Out

Emergency Dental Care for a Knocked Out Tooth in Charlotte

Dental emergencies are very scary and they undoubtedly cause a lot of pain. In almost all situations getting fast treatment is a must to relieve the painful symptoms and to make certain your teeth can survive the ordeal.

The type of emergencies a person can deal with are many, and include the fracturing of teeth from an accident or biting into something too hard. In other instances, people can lose their fillings, crowns, bridges, or dentures. If any of these situations cause intense pain then it is essential to call our Charlotte dental office right away because any significant delay in treatment will almost always mean that the pain will get more intense and the effect on your health more profound.

Although we provide around the clock assistance there may be occasions when dental treatment may be delayed for some time before you can come in to see us. In those instances we want you to know what to do on your own to limit the damage caused by the dental emergency. Once such instance is when you have one of your teeth knocked out.

How To Save a Tooth That’s Been Knocked Out

If you’ve had a tooth knocked out you need to get it back into the socket right away (within an hour) to give us the best chance of being able to save it. Here are the step to take to make this possible:

  • Call out office to schedule an emergency appointment
  • grasp your tooth by the crown (not the root)
  • rinse your tooth under warm water (DO NOT touch the root)
  • place your tooth back into its socket
  • if you CANNOT place your tooth back into its socket then put it into a cup of milk, saliva or water as it is imperative to keep the tooth from drying out
  • get to our office without delay!

If you follow these steps then in most cases we will be able to get your tooth to reattach. We hope this information helps you should you ever have you tooth knocked out and need our emergency dental treatment in Charlotte, NC.

Getting Your Loose Dentures Relined Instantly

Dentures, or even more precisely, completely removable dentures are false teeth used by individuals who have no teeth left on either the maxillary or perhaps the mandibular arch or perhaps both.

People normally become edentulous (lacking teeth) either on account of trauma or ineffective oral hygiene. Removable dentures can help the patient attain better chewing abilities and improve the aesthetic appeal of their mouth and facial structure. But as great as dentures might be, nothing lasts forever and in many cases, the fit of your dentures can become lose over time.

Loose Denture Repair in Charlotte, NC

Loose dentures are often cause by wear, either gum wear or denture wear. Weight loss is yet another ingredient that can contribute to loose dentures. In fact, losing a couple of pounds can impact your dentures.

Nothing is worse than having loose dentures. They are not only embarrassing, but can cause sore spots. Fortunately, you can have your loose dentures fixed in Charlotte using denture relining pieces done by a  professional or utilizing a denture reline. We now have professional denture reline kits to suit your needs and soft liners which are ideal for your gums.

Liner, liners, soft reliner, reliners and soft denture reliners are typically manufactured from soft denture material which assists in protecting the gum from your hard plastic dentures. They can also be used by denture users who may have no gum structure. For a comfortable fit on your gums, a soft denture reline may be the best alternative. They will definitely be more popular than soft liners because soft denture reliners gives a more comfortable fit on the user. Many of us have these kits readily available for public use and in order to purchase one, we are a call away.

So, how will you deal with your dentures to minimize the cases of loose dentures?

It will require extreme care in coping with a denture. Brush the denture using a soft bristled toothbrush or even a denture brush each and every day. This will likely prevent it from getting permanent stains from plaque and food deposits. Do not use toothpaste as it can be too abrasive, causing damage to the denture. Also keep it moist to avoid it from losing its proper shape.

If you feel that you cant fix your loose denture or dentures, you can give us a call and our dentists will help you. Also, its important to have regular checkups to prevent you from having loose dentures in the first place.

Checkups will also be vital in case you have no teeth as people without teeth have high chances of gum issues, oral cancer and bone structure issues.

Feel free to contact our Charlotte dental office to book a scheduled visit for the check-up, denture issues, as well as any dental problem in general.

The Way To Treat Bleeding Gums

If you notice that your gums are starting to bleed then it’s almost certainly a sign of gum disease. The effective treatment plan is to begin by seeing a dentist who will conduct a complete examination or your dental health.

Unfortunately people don’t realize they may have gum disease until it’s far too late, seeing as it’s not painful in the beginning. However, bleeding gums can be due to a few other factors as well, for example brushing too hard, not flossing, taking certain medications, hormonal changes in the body and also diabetes.

Sometimes it’s normal to discover a bit blood after brushing and flossing, but it’s not something that should happen consistently. Once the bleeding gets to be a consistent occurrence we advise that you do the following:

  • Use a soft toothbrush and brush at least 2 times each day for a couple of minutes
  • Floss at least one time every day
  • Use salt water to rinse or perhaps a mouthwash that doesn’t contain alcohol
  • Refrain from smoking or chewing tobacco, as it tends to aggravate the bleeding
  • Lessen your sugar intake and try to avoid eating between meals
  • If you have dentures, you may need to get them re-aligned

In addition to these suggestions, please go to a dentist. Obtain a professional diagnosis with all the necessary treatment at the earliest opportunity, because leaving the issue unattended will undoubtedly ensure it will get worse.

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Why Do Toothaches Need Immediate Dental Treatment?

There’s almost nothing worse than having a severe toothache. The pain can be unbearable. However, regardless how painful it could be, a tooth ache can also be a symptom of a larger problem. Should it be left unattended, it may lead to a much more serious dental or health problem.

Emergency Toothache Treatment in Charlotte, NC

Among the mot common reasons behind a toothache is cavities, but there could be numerous issues that could be inducing the pain. You may already have an abscess or infection which could make you lose the tooth or it potentially spread all through the rest of your body if it is not treated straight away.

In other words, don’t ignore tooth pain. It is essential to see a dentist immediately to actually have a proper diagnosis and treatment to prevent further problems.

Here’s the way a dentist can help with your tooth ache:

Your dentist will perform a comprehensive oral study of your teeth and mouth as a way to determine the main cause of your tooth ache. The dentist will look for warning signs of redness, swelling and any other tooth damage. X-rays will also be taken to see if there is any proof an impacted or crack tooth, teeth cavities or any other disorder. All of this information can help your dentist determine the appropriate treatment procedure.

Your dentist may also prescribe antibiotics or pain medication to assist heal your toothache. Should your tooth be infected the dentist may need to extract the tooth or perform a root canal procedure to save the tooth.

In case you are experiencing a painful toothache, be sure to call an emergency dentist in Charlotte. And, as discussed above, it is essential to have the proper diagnosis and also have your tooth treated immediately.

4 Oral Conditions That May Require Immediate Care

Many reasons exist for why somebody may seek the expertise of an emergency dentist. It is essential to know that what constitutes a crisis for one person is probably not a crisis for another. The subsequent four reasons are on top of this list as to why emergency dental treatments may be needed.

1. Tooth Loss

Losing a tooth is a common dental emergency. Quite often the time that elapses between the losing of the tooth and dental treatment may be the difference between saving the tooth and losing the tooth. The more treatment methods are delayed, the worse the chance of the tooth being saved.

2. Chipped or Fractured Tooth

Along the same lines can be a chipped, or fractured, tooth. External injury to a tooth may also be suggestive of internal injury to the tooth. Based on the harm to the tooth, treatment may vary from splinting the tooth to adjacent teeth or possible root canal. Treatment options will often be decided after taking x-rays of your damaged tooth.

3. Laceration to the Mouth

Another reason that could require emergency dental treatment is tissue injury to the mouth. Tissue injuries include tears and lacerations on the tongue, lips and cheeks. Tissue injury is usually a warning sign of possible problems for the teeth inside the mouth.

4. Bleeding Gums or Mouth

Excessive bleeding from a personal injury on the mouth, or teeth can be a true dental emergency. The patient on anticoagulants simply cannot control their bleeding like somebody that is not really on medication. Any bleeding could turn into a deadly emergency.

The causes above are just a few that might use a person searching for emergency dental treatment. Sometimes the earliest treatment has the best chance at saving the injured tooth.

What To Do When Your Child Has a Knocked Out Tooth

We understand how important your children are to you and how frightening it may be when they are injured. This is why we are here to assist you any time a dental emergency arises. If your child has knocked out tooth, follow these steps and we will be happy to help you during the medical crisis and beyond.

One thing you should do is save the tooth. Rinse it in water without soap or any chemicals. Only touch the portion of the tooth that is normally visible (the crown). have your child rinse their mouth out with water and try to gently place the tooth back in place (in its socket). Do NOT force it. If you cannot easily input it in position, put the tooth in a glass of milk.

Next, get a cold compress and put it up against your child’s face. This will help to reduce the swelling. Additionally, it will numb the area which will help reduce pain.

Finally, call our office as soon as possible. We will see both you and your child without delay for this particular emergency. Depending upon your physical location and the seriousness of the condition, we will give you more info on the telephone. We personally assess each call to make certain we understand the condition of your child so that you get the best treatment possible.

The members of our staff all know how important it is to you that your child get prompt and friendly care in a dental emergency. We will do our best to get your child out of pain and restore his or her smile as soon as possible.

3 Step To Successfully Treating Your Dental Emergency

Here Are 3 Steps To Follow If You Have A Dental Emergency

Step 1: Try to Get the Tooth Pain to Stop

You might not have access to our services right away, but you can do something to stop or diminish the pain you’re experiencing. Try some non-prescription pain medications, after which use clove oil around the area where you’re having the most pain. Also, you can try one of the numbing agents which are solved in most drug stores. Please understand that this will likely only help just a little, and having the emergency taken care of quickly at our office enables that you can be out of pain as quickly as possible.

Step 2: Give Our Office A Phone Call

Some people just try to “tough it out” when it comes to dealing with a toothache or other kind of dental pain. Big mistake…because 99% of toothaches or gum swelling will not resolve on their own. In fact, most dental emergencies start out as relatively minor conditions in the mouth. So, as soon as you’re experiencing some type of pain or discomfort you need to call a dentist for an examination and possible treatment.

Step 3: Follow Instructions Both Before And After Your Appointment

Dealing with a dental emergency may mean doing certain things, or refraining from doing certain things both BEFORE and AFTER you get treatment in our office. You must make sure you follow all directions as we are extremely experienced in handling dental emergencies – we do it every single day! So we understand how to treat them so they don’t get out of control and become a threat to your overall health and well being.

We’re positive that if you follow these tips you will be out of pain as soon as possible and that you will have a good out come from your dental emergency treatment.

Do Not Try To Pull Your Own Teeth

If you’re experiencing pain in your mouth from some type of dental emergency in Charlotte, NC then you will need to contact an emergency dentist as quickly as possible to alleviate the pain and/or prevent the condition from getting worse.

The longer you allow a condition like a toothache or swollen gums to persist the more you are jeopardizing your health and well being. This is especially true of infections which can easily spread from your mouth to your throat and down your esophagus and then eventually, your heart.

Tooth Extractions in Charlotte, NC

This should always go without saying but…DO NOT try to remove your own tooth no matter how much pain you’re in as you could easily damage your nerves. Instead, if you need a tooth extraction contact our dental office in Charlotte and we will perform this difficult procedure in a clean, state-of-the-art environment.

You would be surprised with how many people, frustrated by the fact that they are in tremendous pain and unable to get to an emergency dentist, will attempt to pull their own tooth!  I know this sounds crazy, but it happens all the time.

Our office is dedicated to making sure the thought of pulling your own tooth NEVER crosses your mind by offering emergency dental care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So, there will never be a time when you need a dentist but can’t find one who is open in the city of Charlotte, NC or the surrounding area.

How Much Do Tooth Extractions Cost In Charlotte?

The question of cost comes up all the time. For dental emergencies you can usually have insurance pay for all or most of the treatment if you have a dental insurance plan that we accept. Please call us to find out which insurance plans we do accept.

If we don’t accept your insurance coverage then the exam, x-rays, and tooth extraction will need to be paid by you with either cash or credit card. After treatment you will most likely be reimbursed by your dental insurance carrier for all or most of the cost of the extraction.

Contact our office today if you need a tooth extraction in Charlotte, NC.

How Can You Tell When You Need to Get a Tooth Pulled?

While many people feel embarrassed or ashamed when they get the news that they need to get a tooth pulled, they really shouldn’t. We understand in the dental world that there are many different situations that can require an otherwise healthy tooth to need removal. It’s important for you to understand there we’re not judging you, and our goal is to simply give you the finest smile possible and make sure your oral health is as positive as we can make it.

There are several situations that might call for getting a tooth pulled. First of all, wisdom teeth will almost always need to be pulled. These teeth often cause a wide number of problems with the other teeth in your mouth even if the wisdom teeth themselves are healthy. There is a high chance of wisdom teeth becoming impacted, which is a major reason why we always recommend getting them removed early before they can do damage.

Having an impacted tooth is another reason to get a tooth extracted. An impacted tooth occurs any time a tooth stops growing normally and has any type of an odd growth or angle but that will cause future problems for the surrounding teeth. This can also lead to severe pain and this combination of things is why we recommend getting impacted teeth removed.

Another thing to look for is an infected or abscessed tooth. These infections can be extremely serious, especially if they spread to the mouth and into the bloodstream. Sometimes this can be fixed with a root canal and a thorough cleaning. However, there are other times when the full removal of the tooth is the only course of action that will make you fully healthy again.

Finally, there are certain instances where a tooth will need to be removed to make room for the rest of the teeth that are growing properly, especially prior to having braces installed.