How To Save A Cracked Tooth

A cracked tooth is an unpleasant experience and one most people don’t want to deal with. However it can happen from time to time.

For those who are in this position, what can be done to save it?

1) Consult With Dentist Immediately

This is the first tip to consider and perhaps one of the most important ones you will hear about from anyone that sees your cracked tooth.

You want to consult with a dentist and have the tooth diagnosed.

What will they be looking for?

1) Structural Damage To Tooth
2) Internal Damage Behind Tooth
3) Requirements To Resurrect Tooth Back To Normal

These are the three factors they are going to race through as soon as you come in.

If the cracked tooth just occurred, they will spend additional time to see if nerve damage has taken place.

2) Avoid Doing Additional Damage

This is the most important tip a person will need to consider at home. You cannot go ahead and start biting into an apple as it will aggravate the situation. The crack will increase or the tooth itself is going to fall off.

Don’t forget; a cracked tooth is vulnerable, and there might be lingering trauma underneath, which can’t be seen by the naked eye.

It is best to be assertive with your food choices and avoid biting into hard food items that are not easy on the teeth.

This is how you can save a cracked tooth and make sure it is rehabilitated back to how it used to be. A professional Charlotte dentist will be able to bond the tooth and make sure it looks as good as new.

As long as you’re patient with this process and don’t hamper things by biting into a hard apple, the tooth will be brought back to shape as required.

How to Deal with a Broken Tooth

You have a chipped tooth, and fractured tooth, cracked tooth, broken tooth, knocked out or expatriate tooth. What do you do?

Initially, How Serious is the Injury?

Injury to the face may bring about a damage as slight as a little chipping of tooth enamel (the peripheral layer of a tooth) to one as extreme as totally thumping a tooth out of its attachment and/or cracking the jawbone(s).

In case your fractured, broken, chipped or split tooth is the aftereffect of injury to your head or face and it is joined by draining from the nose or ears, loss of memory or awareness, wooziness, bewilderment, extreme head or ear hurt or if your teeth don’t fit together legitimately after the injury, go to a clinic crisis space for assessment promptly. You might have harmed your cerebrum, brought about draining within your skull, broken your jawbone, TMJ (jaw joint) or different bones of your face. For this you will require quick, crisis therapeutic consideration. Most clinics have an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon accessible to analyze and treat your wounds notwithstanding emergency room doctors.

Luckily, most wounds are significantly less serious. Split teeth– chipped teeth, broken teeth cracked teeth– and released or thumped out teeth are characterized into the accompanying essential types (recorded in order of severity):

Crown Fractures (The a piece of the tooth over the gum-line)

Craze Line(s). Usually involves cracked enamel minus the tooth losing its structure
Chipped Tooth. Involves fractured and cracked enamel including loss of this furthest layer of tooth structure

Dentin and Enamel. Fracture and introduction of the external and center layers

Dentin, Enamel and Pulp. Fracture and introduction of the external, center and inward layers

Root Fractures (The some piece of the tooth beneath the gum-line)

Vertical – a vertical break in the tooth root

Flat – An even split in the tooth root

Slackened or removed teeth inside of the tooth attachment (Where the tooth sits inside your jaw)

Removal – The tooth has get to be separated in its attachment

Blackout – The tooth has assimilated the power of the damage

Separation – The tooth has been discharge

The 3 Most Common Dental Emergencies

In the dental office, patients come in with an array of problems that they need help with, but some are certainly more common than others. Check out the list below for three of the main emergencies that we often come across at our dental practice.


Many patients come into the office with an abscessed tooth. It could have started as a cavity, but it eventually got worse.

If the cavity started getting bigger and the patient was not aware of what was going on, bacteria may have made its ways into the hole and down into the gums. As a result of the bacteria, an infection developed.

Although treatment varies, patients will need to come to the office to have the infected tissue removed. A root canal may then be necessary to prevent any additional bacteria from getting into the damaged part of the tooth.

Fractured Tooth

Believe it or not, patients break teeth more often than most people realize. Different things happen that can lead to tooth fractures, such as car accidents, sports-related injuries or falls. As a result, the patient is left with a chipped tooth that does not look good.

Patients will need to come to the office for a filling. The color of the filling will closely match the original tooth color. It gets bonded into place so that the fracture is no longer noticeable.

Missing Tooth

Unfortunately, adult teeth can fall out of the mouth. Sometimes they are knocked out during accidents, but they may fall out due to severe decay and gum disease. The treatment will vary from patient to patient. An assessment may be necessary to determine if the patient is a good candidate for a dental implant.

A dental implant would be the best option for eligible candidates because it replaces the original tooth and keeps the gums protected. If it were not for the implant, the gums would constantly be exposed to bacteria.

These are three of the most common dental emergencies. Although they may be a bit severe, treatment is available at the dental office.

How To Save A Broken Tooth

While teeth are generally quite sturdy, they are not invulnerable. A blow of sufficient force, or even one that is just at the wrong angle, can crack or chip a tooth. Fortunately, with prompt treatment, we can save your broken tooth and repair it so that it looks as good as new.

The most important thing to do is to call our Charlotte dental clinic right away and let the dentist know what has happened. While you may be in some shock after the injury, call as soon as you are able. This way, you will have the best chance to save your broken tooth and recover from your injury.

If the tooth is still in your mouth, avoid touching it. Eat only soft foods and avoid chewing on that side of your mouth. If the injury is quite painful, taking an anti-inflammatory painkiller such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen can provide some relief. If the affected area is swollen or tender, applying an ice pack can help keep the swelling down and reduce the pain.

If your tooth has been knocked out of your mouth, prompt treatment may be able to save it. Pick up the tooth by the crown and do not touch its root. Rinse it with a saline solution and try to place it back in the socket, if possible. If not, bring the tooth with you to our office.

In such cases, treatment needs to begin as soon as possible. By coming to our office right away, we can replace the tooth and splint it so that you have the best chance of a successful recovery. In many cases, if the tooth is put back in place within half an hour, the prognosis is good.

If a tooth is broken or damaged, call us immediately so that we can start to treat you as soon as possible.

What To Do When Your Tooth Gets Chipped

Perhaps you have been with your friends at a restaurant enjoying a fine meal when instantly you sense something breaks in your mouth? You look at your chewed food and discover that a large piece of your tooth has broken off.

Our teeth are probably the strongest tissues within our body, and yes it takes a lot for one of them to break. However, it can happen to anyone. This is very true if your tooth has decayed due to neglecting proper oral hygiene. The worst part of chipping your tooth is that doing so usually leaves you in pain because the root may be exposed.

This pain could be severe and when going through this type of pain your mind will be able to focus on nothing other than ways to get the pain to stop. However, before you get to pain relief it is essential to call your family dentist immediately to make a consultation appointment. Or, if your family dentist is unavailable you need to find an emergency dentist.

While you waiting for your dental appointment there are several things that you ought to do to deal with your pain, such as:

  • apply clove oil to the area
  • take over-the-counter pain killers
  • apply ice to the area

These options will only be sufficient to “get you through the night” until you can visit a dentist to get you out of pain and repair your chipped tooth.

For emergency dentistry in the Charlotte area give us a call. We are open when most dentist are closed.

Strategies For Treating A Cracked Or Knocked Out Tooth

Dental emergencies can happen to anyone, young or old, including those who faithfully visit their dentist twice yearly for teeth cleaning. So, what exactly should you do if you are confronted by a significant dental problem? These situations vary, but listed below are two common dental emergencies and the way to handle them should they happen to you:

1. A Cracked Tooth

This is probably the most frequent dental emergency we treat in our Charlotte, NC dental office. If you’ve fallen and have cracked a tooth or injured it by various other means, you should do the following:

  1. rinse your mouth with the water, and
  2. place the broken off piece of tooth in a cup of milk.

Furthermore, if your mouth is starting to swell, because of the injury, place a cold compress on the area. Then call your dentist immediately for an emergency appointment.

2. Knocked Out Tooth

This is another situation that numerous people face. In the event you knocked out one of your teeth, locate the tooth and rinse it with warm water to completely clean it if it’s dirty. Do not use soap or any chemicals on the tooth. Tepid water is all that is required.

Do not let the tooth to dry up. It must remain moist. If you can, reposition the tooth within the socket and hold it there by biting down on it or pressing down on it with your fingers. If you are unable to achieve that, position the tooth in a tooth preservation kit, should you own one, or in some milk. Do not put it in water.

Make an emergency appointment with a dentist immediately. The tooth could be saved, if you get to a dentist quickly, within an hour.

Dental emergencies happen to children and adults. However with the proper attention, seeing a qualified professional, there are many solutions for these problems and emergencies.

Top 3 Dental Emergencies Seen By Our Office

Dental emergencies can occur at any point with time. Allow me to share the three most typical dental emergencies we take care of regularly in our Charlotte office.

Broken Teeth Repair in Charlotte, NC

Broken teeth is definitely an emergency which we often see quite frequently. There are many ways a person can break a tooth, but the most common cause may be from poor dental hygiene which make the teeth more susceptible to breaking, cracking, and chipping when biting down on hard pieces of food.

Denture Repair in Charlotte

Dentures are an excellent way to replace missing teeth. However, just like teeth they are susceptible to breaking. If you break your dentures you must realize this can be a true dental emergency and something which we treat also. Whenever you do break your dentures and require our assistance, you should try and bring in each of the pieces you have of your respective dentures.

Infection/Abscess Treatment

An abscess or infection of the jaw is definitely an issue that needs to be dealt with immediately. While you may not view this like a true dental emergency, it is actually a problem that can have a severe impact on your overall health. In fact, if not properly treated, an abscess could cost you your tooth, or even worse, your lifestyle in case the infection spreads to your body. So this is a true dental emergency which we can deal with by draining the abscess, treating the reason behind the abscess, and providing medication to help you fight the infection.

A dental emergency may not be something you consider a significant issue. However, you need to realize dental emergencies are problems that need to be addressed. We have informed you of the top three dental emergencies, but if you do some simple research on you will see other emergencies exist, and we can certainly treat these too.

How To Save A Broken Tooth With a Cup of Milk

It’s incredibly vital that you keep an emergency dentist on speed dial in the event that any sort of accident occurs that results in an injury to your teeth and/or gums. That being said…there will be times when you have to act fast, even before you can get in to see a dentist, so that you can prevent permanent damage from occurring.

#1 Tip For Saving a Broken Tooth

When you break a tooth you have a very short amount of time to take steps to prevent the loss of that tooth.

The first thing I usually tell patients who ask me these questions is that you need to place the broken piece of tooth into a cup of milk, if it is possible. The calcium of the milk will allow the tooth to keep moist and alive, which will give our dental office a greater chance of saving that tooth a preventing the need for a denture, crown or dental implant.

I recall one particular patient who had tripped while bowling and hit his mouth on his bowling ball. It caused his front right tooth to snap in half.

Luckily, he had been smart enough to keep the part of the tooth that had broken off and placed it in a cup of milk without delay. When he arrived at our office we used dental epoxy to put the broken tooth piece back in place, which was a less costly alternative to needing to go the greater expensive route of applying a dental crown.

So, if you ever break a tooth remember to put the piece of broken off tooth in a cup of milk. Now, what if you don’t have milk available? If that’s the case, then place the broken off tooth in water. Water will keep your tooth piece from drying out, which makes it hard and brittle. The calcium will keep the tooth as alive as it would be in your mouth.

Naturally, be sure to call an emergency dentist as quickly as possible to give you the best chance of reparing and saving your tooth.

What To Do When Your Tooth Gets Knocked Out

Emergency Dental Care for a Knocked Out Tooth in Charlotte

Dental emergencies are very scary and they undoubtedly cause a lot of pain. In almost all situations getting fast treatment is a must to relieve the painful symptoms and to make certain your teeth can survive the ordeal.

The type of emergencies a person can deal with are many, and include the fracturing of teeth from an accident or biting into something too hard. In other instances, people can lose their fillings, crowns, bridges, or dentures. If any of these situations cause intense pain then it is essential to call our Charlotte dental office right away because any significant delay in treatment will almost always mean that the pain will get more intense and the effect on your health more profound.

Although we provide around the clock assistance there may be occasions when dental treatment may be delayed for some time before you can come in to see us. In those instances we want you to know what to do on your own to limit the damage caused by the dental emergency. Once such instance is when you have one of your teeth knocked out.

How To Save a Tooth That’s Been Knocked Out

If you’ve had a tooth knocked out you need to get it back into the socket right away (within an hour) to give us the best chance of being able to save it. Here are the step to take to make this possible:

  • Call out office to schedule an emergency appointment
  • grasp your tooth by the crown (not the root)
  • rinse your tooth under warm water (DO NOT touch the root)
  • place your tooth back into its socket
  • if you CANNOT place your tooth back into its socket then put it into a cup of milk, saliva or water as it is imperative to keep the tooth from drying out
  • get to our office without delay!

If you follow these steps then in most cases we will be able to get your tooth to reattach. We hope this information helps you should you ever have you tooth knocked out and need our emergency dental treatment in Charlotte, NC.

Immediate Care For a Chipped Tooth

Do you have a chipped or broken tooth?

Anybody can chip or break a tooth. It may happen as a result of a silly accident like walking into a door or even from biting down on a piece of hard candy. A cracked or broken tooth may happen due to a cavity which has weakened the tooth. Whatever the reason may be, it can definitely be fixed. You just need to stay clam and take the right steps so you don’t end up loosing your tooth.

Chipped Tooth Repair in Charlotte, NC

As soon as you chip or break a tooth you need to immediately rinse the mouth area with salt water and take an non-prescription pain reliever like acetaminophen if you’re in pain. In the event that the edge of your chipped tooth is sharp or is jagged, then you should place some wax or sugarless chewed gum over it so it does not cut your cheek or tongue.

The next step is to book a dental appointment with a dentist in the Charlotte area, preferably with us!

The first thing that is going to be done is a complete and thorough examination of the chipped tooth. If the tooth is in otherwise good condition we will only need to repair it with a filling so that it looks brand-new and it is still functional.

However, in the event the chipped tooth is one of your front teeth, we can do a procedure called bonding where a tooth colored material is bonded to the tooth utilizing an adhesive so your tooth looks like nothing ever happened to it! Nobody will be able to tell that your particular tooth was chipped or blemished in any way.

On the other hand, if the tooth that was chipped was unhealthy due to a cavity or other dental problem, a root canal and dental crown procedure might have to be done to save your tooth from having to be pulled. In addition, if the majority of the tooth is broken and/or there is extensive decay within it, then this remaining portion of the tooth will likely need to be filed down and a cap or crown placed over it.

Now, if the root of your chipped/broken tooth is still healthy, then a root canal may be done where a pin or post will need to be positioned in the tooth’s canal. Then, a structure will be developed around the tooth plus a crown placed into the structure to provide the tooth a restored appearance.

As you can tell, chipping your tooth is not pleasant but it is also not the end of your tooth…it can be saved! However, a good result will only be possible for you and your chipped tooth if you call an emergency dentist in Charlotte immediately after your tooth gets damaged. All you have to do is call us and we’ll have your tooth looking completely new right away.

Call us 24/7 if you need chipped tooth repair in Charlotte, NC.