Do You Need A Tooth Extraction?

If you are suffering from a persistent toothache, it is important to call a dental office in Charlotte right away to make an appointment. The sooner you are treated, the sooner a diagnosis can be made and a treatment plan can be started. While the ideal course of action is to do the minimum necessary to provide pain relief, there may be times when a tooth extraction is the best course of action.

In such a procedure, your tooth will be removed from its socket. Once the area has healed, it can be replaced with an implant to keep your teeth in the proper position and let you chew normally. But how do you know whether or not you need to have a tooth extracted?

By visiting a Charlotte dentist right away, the affected area can be examined and a diagnosis made. In many cases, a dentist will take X-rays to take a look at the interior of the tooth and the surrounding bone. If it is necessary, the dentist will recommend that the tooth come out. However, this is generally a last resort, since it is usually best to keep a tooth in place.

A tooth that is fully exposed can be removed right in a dental office in a simple procedure. However, if you have a wisdom tooth that has not fully emerged, or a permanent tooth that is not above the gums, then an oral surgeon will have to perform the procedure.

It can take several weeks for you to recover from the extraction. Be sure to keep the area clean by rinsing it with a saline solution. Eat a soft diet and take painkillers for any discomfort you may feel.

While extracting a tooth can be uncomfortable, in some cases it is the best course of action. Call today so that a diagnosis can be made and you can start your treatment.