Do You Need Emergency Denture Repair?

A woman with repaired denturesIf you are in need of someone to fix broken dentures and you can’t waste money or time then you will be pleased to know we handle emergency denture repairs. We provide the following:


Most important attribute in emergency denture repairs is experience, knowledge and expertise.

We have all of these qualities because we have quite a few years of experience in this industry under our belts.

Speedy Service

When an incident happens, it is usually rather embarrassing. The first solution would be to have us repair the broken dentures quickly and expertly. This is how we handle emergency denture repairs.

Type of Service

In an emergency we are able to conduct any sort of repair. Granted that occasionally a plate is past saving, but if it is the replacement of a chipped tooth, a missing one, or a completely broken in half one, we can fix it. When the job is complete it will be like new.


It is well worth paying for the repair of broken dentures, and is not outrageously priced.

Customer Service

We offer a high level of service to you, when you require us to repair broken dentures. We are knowledgeable, friendly, and willing to answer any of your questions. We take the time to understand and learn what needs and major concerns you have. We offer additional options and services that can really be of use to you such as the federal labeling requirement.

We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction and quality work that is why when we handle emergency denture repairs, we communicate with you through the entire process from when we receive the damaged dentures to when we fit them and you collect them from us. Always know we are here to help you.

Contact us if you need emergency denture repair in Charlotte.