How To Save A Broken Tooth

While teeth are generally quite sturdy, they are not invulnerable. A blow of sufficient force, or even one that is just at the wrong angle, can crack or chip a tooth. Fortunately, with prompt treatment, we can save your broken tooth and repair it so that it looks as good as new.

The most important thing to do is to call our Charlotte dental clinic right away and let the dentist know what has happened. While you may be in some shock after the injury, call as soon as you are able. This way, you will have the best chance to save your broken tooth and recover from your injury.

If the tooth is still in your mouth, avoid touching it. Eat only soft foods and avoid chewing on that side of your mouth. If the injury is quite painful, taking an anti-inflammatory painkiller such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen can provide some relief. If the affected area is swollen or tender, applying an ice pack can help keep the swelling down and reduce the pain.

If your tooth has been knocked out of your mouth, prompt treatment may be able to save it. Pick up the tooth by the crown and do not touch its root. Rinse it with a saline solution and try to place it back in the socket, if possible. If not, bring the tooth with you to our office.

In such cases, treatment needs to begin as soon as possible. By coming to our office right away, we can replace the tooth and splint it so that you have the best chance of a successful recovery. In many cases, if the tooth is put back in place within half an hour, the prognosis is good.

If a tooth is broken or damaged, call us immediately so that we can start to treat you as soon as possible.