Same Day Emergency Dental Care
Serving the Residents of Matthews, NC

Do you have a dental emergency? Don’t let your pain get worse. If you are experiencing pain in your mouth, then this is a sign that something is wrong. A dental emergency is a serious problem and you should seek medical attention immediately.

We specialize in handling dental emergencies when most dentists are unavailable. If you live in Matthews call our dental office for urgent dental care right now for an immediate appointment.

Emergency Dentist Serving the Residents of Matthews, NC

Broken Teeth – Toothache – Bleeding and Swollen Gums – Broken Dentures, Crowns & Bridges…

Matthews, NC - Near Charlotte - Zip Codes 28104, 28105, 28106
Matthews, NC – 28104, 28105, 28106

What Should Be Deemed A Dental Emergency?

We get a lot of calls from people who wonder if what they see in their mouths is considered a dental emergency. We will never turn you away if you need to see us, but you should learn to recognize signs of a real emergency versus something that can wait until a regular appointment.

Tooth With A Fracture

Some types of tooth fractures are real emergencies, and some are not. If your fracture is accompanied by a lot of pain and if the tooth is extensively damaged, you should call us right away.

A Lot Of Swelling

When you have swelling suddenly, that can indicate an infection. Check your mouth closely. If your gums are swollen, that would be considered an emergency and you should call use immediately.

When Something Knocks Out Your Tooth

When your tooth is knocked out, put pressure on it with a compress and stop the bleeding. Then call us right away and plan to come in. If you get to us in time, we can possibly re-implant the tooth.

Your Tooth Is Extruded

That means your tooth is not where it is supposed to be. It may be pushed backward or forward, and somehow got displaced. Do not to adjust that yourself. Wait for us to do it.

Tooth with An Abscess

When your too has an abscess, it will have a different color. There will be swelling and pus. Even if you do not recall injuring it, you still have an emergency. That area may be infected, and that requires immediate attention.

When you have are doubtful about the situation, just call us. We will tell you if you have an emergency or not and help you deal with the situation. If you do have an actual emergency, prepare yourself to come over right away. If it is not an emergency, schedule an appointment to see us soon. We welcome your visit.

If You Live in Matthews (or anywhere around Charlotte) and You Have a Dental Emergency

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