What To Do When Your Tooth Gets Knocked Out

Emergency Dental Care for a Knocked Out Tooth in Charlotte

Dental emergencies are very scary and they undoubtedly cause a lot of pain. In almost all situations getting fast treatment is a must to relieve the painful symptoms and to make certain your teeth can survive the ordeal.

The type of emergencies a person can deal with are many, and include the fracturing of teeth from an accident or biting into something too hard. In other instances, people can lose their fillings, crowns, bridges, or dentures. If any of these situations cause intense pain then it is essential to call our Charlotte dental office right away because any significant delay in treatment will almost always mean that the pain will get more intense and the effect on your health more profound.

Although we provide around the clock assistance there may be occasions when dental treatment may be delayed for some time before you can come in to see us. In those instances we want you to know what to do on your own to limit the damage caused by the dental emergency. Once such instance is when you have one of your teeth knocked out.

How To Save a Tooth That’s Been Knocked Out

If you’ve had a tooth knocked out you need to get it back into the socket right away (within an hour) to give us the best chance of being able to save it. Here are the step to take to make this possible:

  • Call out office to schedule an emergency appointment
  • grasp your tooth by the crown (not the root)
  • rinse your tooth under warm water (DO NOT touch the root)
  • place your tooth back into its socket
  • if you CANNOT place your tooth back into its socket then put it into a cup of milk, saliva or water as it is imperative to keep the tooth from drying out
  • get to our office without delay!

If you follow these steps then in most cases we will be able to get your tooth to reattach. We hope this information helps you should you ever have you tooth knocked out and need our emergency dental treatment in Charlotte, NC.