Do Not Try To Pull Your Own Teeth

If you’re experiencing pain in your mouth from some type of dental emergency in Charlotte, NC then you will need to contact an emergency dentist as quickly as possible to alleviate the pain and/or prevent the condition from getting worse.

The longer you allow a condition like a toothache or swollen gums to persist the more you are jeopardizing your health and well being. This is especially true of infections which can easily spread from your mouth to your throat and down your esophagus and then eventually, your heart.

Tooth Extractions in Charlotte, NC

This should always go without saying but…DO NOT try to remove your own tooth no matter how much pain you’re in as you could easily damage your nerves. Instead, if you need a tooth extraction contact our dental office in Charlotte and we will perform this difficult procedure in a clean, state-of-the-art environment.

You would be surprised with how many people, frustrated by the fact that they are in tremendous pain and unable to get to an emergency dentist, will attempt to pull their own tooth!  I know this sounds crazy, but it happens all the time.

Our office is dedicated to making sure the thought of pulling your own tooth NEVER crosses your mind by offering emergency dental care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So, there will never be a time when you need a dentist but can’t find one who is open in the city of Charlotte, NC or the surrounding area.

How Much Do Tooth Extractions Cost In Charlotte?

The question of cost comes up all the time. For dental emergencies you can usually have insurance pay for all or most of the treatment if you have a dental insurance plan that we accept. Please call us to find out which insurance plans we do accept.

If we don’t accept your insurance coverage then the exam, x-rays, and tooth extraction will need to be paid by you with either cash or credit card. After treatment you will most likely be reimbursed by your dental insurance carrier for all or most of the cost of the extraction.

Contact our office today if you need a tooth extraction in Charlotte, NC.