Top 3 Dental Emergencies Seen By Our Office

Dental emergencies can occur at any point with time. Allow me to share the three most typical dental emergencies we take care of regularly in our Charlotte office.

Broken Teeth Repair in Charlotte, NC

Broken teeth is definitely an emergency which we often see quite frequently. There are many ways a person can break a tooth, but the most common cause may be from poor dental hygiene which make the teeth more susceptible to breaking, cracking, and chipping when biting down on hard pieces of food.

Denture Repair in Charlotte

Dentures are an excellent way to replace missing teeth. However, just like teeth they are susceptible to breaking. If you break your dentures you must realize this can be a true dental emergency and something which we treat also. Whenever you do break your dentures and require our assistance, you should try and bring in each of the pieces you have of your respective dentures.

Infection/Abscess Treatment

An abscess or infection of the jaw is definitely an issue that needs to be dealt with immediately. While you may not view this like a true dental emergency, it is actually a problem that can have a severe impact on your overall health. In fact, if not properly treated, an abscess could cost you your tooth, or even worse, your lifestyle in case the infection spreads to your body. So this is a true dental emergency which we can deal with by draining the abscess, treating the reason behind the abscess, and providing medication to help you fight the infection.

A dental emergency may not be something you consider a significant issue. However, you need to realize dental emergencies are problems that need to be addressed. We have informed you of the top three dental emergencies, but if you do some simple research on you will see other emergencies exist, and we can certainly treat these too.

3 Dental Emergencies We Can Deal With Right Away

There are certain conditions of the mouth, gums, and teeth that require immediate attention so they don’t become more serious. Here are among the more common ones that you’ll want to get assistance with in our Charlotte office.

1. Infection or Dental Abscess

For those who have an infection in the gums or abscess you MUST get this treat as soon as possible. When infections first occur, they might just hurt or cause your breath to be bad, however if they aren’t looked after they are able to spread from your mouth, into your blood stream and throughout your entire body. And, any infection that spreads through your blood can cause death.¬† This is why you need to call us immediately if you think you might have an infection in your mouth.

2. Broken Tooth

If you break a tooth for any reason then you ought to get it looked at by a dentist right away or you could lose your tooth. If you get to our office soon after the tooth is broken we will be very likely to fix the tooth and save you the trouble and expense of having to replace a missing tooth with a denture or implant.

3.  A Persistent Toothache

A toothache can be caused by many things, such as dental decay from poor hygiene, an injury, an infection, a cavity, etc. A toothache, if it is not too severe can be ignored for some time…but it shouldn’t be. The fact is that most toothaches don’t just go away on their own. They typically get worse until they become a dental emergency. The best course of action to take is to get yourself to a dentist when you have a toothache so that the cause of the pain can be treated. If you wait too long it may end up that the only option available to your dentist is to extract the tooth. Again, if that happens, you’ll be left with a missing tooth that will need to be replaced by a denture or dental implant.

We hope that the above information helps you take care of any dental problems that arise. If you need and emergency dentist in Charlotte call our office 24/7.