Getting Your Loose Dentures Relined Instantly

Dentures, or even more precisely, completely removable dentures are false teeth used by individuals who have no teeth left on either the maxillary or perhaps the mandibular arch or perhaps both.

People normally become edentulous (lacking teeth) either on account of trauma or ineffective oral hygiene. Removable dentures can help the patient attain better chewing abilities and improve the aesthetic appeal of their mouth and facial structure. But as great as dentures might be, nothing lasts forever and in many cases, the fit of your dentures can become lose over time.

Loose Denture Repair in Charlotte, NC

Loose dentures are often cause by wear, either gum wear or denture wear. Weight loss is yet another ingredient that can contribute to loose dentures. In fact, losing a couple of pounds can impact your dentures.

Nothing is worse than having loose dentures. They are not only embarrassing, but can cause sore spots. Fortunately, you can have your loose dentures fixed in Charlotte using denture relining pieces done by a  professional or utilizing a denture reline. We now have professional denture reline kits to suit your needs and soft liners which are ideal for your gums.

Liner, liners, soft reliner, reliners and soft denture reliners are typically manufactured from soft denture material which assists in protecting the gum from your hard plastic dentures. They can also be used by denture users who may have no gum structure. For a comfortable fit on your gums, a soft denture reline may be the best alternative. They will definitely be more popular than soft liners because soft denture reliners gives a more comfortable fit on the user. Many of us have these kits readily available for public use and in order to purchase one, we are a call away.

So, how will you deal with your dentures to minimize the cases of loose dentures?

It will require extreme care in coping with a denture. Brush the denture using a soft bristled toothbrush or even a denture brush each and every day. This will likely prevent it from getting permanent stains from plaque and food deposits. Do not use toothpaste as it can be too abrasive, causing damage to the denture. Also keep it moist to avoid it from losing its proper shape.

If you feel that you cant fix your loose denture or dentures, you can give us a call and our dentists will help you. Also, its important to have regular checkups to prevent you from having loose dentures in the first place.

Checkups will also be vital in case you have no teeth as people without teeth have high chances of gum issues, oral cancer and bone structure issues.

Feel free to contact our Charlotte dental office to book a scheduled visit for the check-up, denture issues, as well as any dental problem in general.