The Various Types Of Emergencies Your Dentist Can Treat

Picture this: you’re happily munching on dinner when suddenly your tooth pops out! What do you do? First thing you’re likely to do is call a Charlotte dental office and see what he or she can do to help.

Losing a tooth isn’t the only emergency you may suffer from, however. The following are what constitute as an emergency, and therefore should be top priority. Even if we don’t have your problem listed here, you should still give us a call to find out if you’re dealing with something that needs immediate attention.

Broken Or Missing Tooth

If one of your teeth falls out or you otherwise break a tooth, call us immediately. Also make sure you keep the tooth or piece of tooth in a germ-free environment for as long as possible, and be sure to bring it in with you. Even in a broken tooth’s case, we may be able to repair it using your natural tooth.


Tooth and gum infections are serious things that must be tended to immediately. Failure to get prompt treatment may mean more problems than just what’s going on in your mouth. If your gums are oozing or you have a foul odor that’s not related to just a bad case of breath, call us right away before your life is on the line.

Severe Pain

Sometimes cavity and other types of pain is so bad you can’t wait another day. Call us if you are suffering from debilitating pain in the mouth. Apply a warm towel or heating pad to the affected area and take the pain medication you’re okay with until we can get you in.

There are other types of emergencies that may qualify, but these are the three big ones. Don’t be shy. Your teeth and overall health need immediate attention.