What To Do When Your Tooth Gets Chipped

Perhaps you have been with your friends at a restaurant enjoying a fine meal when instantly you sense something breaks in your mouth? You look at your chewed food and discover that a large piece of your tooth has broken off.

Our teeth are probably the strongest tissues within our body, and yes it takes a lot for one of them to break. However, it can happen to anyone. This is very true if your tooth has decayed due to neglecting proper oral hygiene. The worst part of chipping your tooth is that doing so usually leaves you in pain because the root may be exposed.

This pain could be severe and when going through this type of pain your mind will be able to focus on nothing other than ways to get the pain to stop. However, before you get to pain relief it is essential to call your family dentist immediately to make a consultation appointment. Or, if your family dentist is unavailable you need to find an emergency dentist.

While you waiting for your dental appointment there are several things that you ought to do to deal with your pain, such as:

  • apply clove oil to the area
  • take over-the-counter pain killers
  • apply ice to the area

These options will only be sufficient to “get you through the night” until you can visit a dentist to get you out of pain and repair your chipped tooth.

For emergency dentistry in the Charlotte area give us a call. We are open when most dentist are closed.